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Creatively applying the cultural politics of content, form, and style whilst critically disseminating a marginal cultural agenda, Set Margins’ mobilizes community, articulates qualities to widen support, and steps up for liberties. 

As a support structure, a platform for production, a network and publisher, Set Margins’ is here to frame current impulses from the margin with particular focus for communication, forms of cooperation, and involved politics. Set Margins’ delivers critical experiences, discourse, and dialogue. 


Set Margings’ nourishes critical practices with a strong commitment to marginal voices. 

Set Margins’ facilitates inclusive production, be it social, intellectual, in merit, geographical, in means or otherwise, and offers curiosity and individuation.

Through this, Set Margins’ focusses support of moral individuation from within an environment of autonomous plurality, disinclined from governing ethics and paternalistic habit. Set Margins’ acts out of a humanistic, slightly anarchist basis. 


To give voice to the margin and stimulate the articulation of the plural, Set Margins’ aspires inclusive access to production and communicative clarity in output. In the making, Set Margin’s stands critical yet respectful to all darlings and shadows. In output, Set Margins’ aspires to be accessible for all in editorial framing, design and pricing, whilst knowing we often work for a future market rather than demand driven. 


Set Margins’ brings visibility and engagement to publishing ambitions. Starting from productive support in the integral processing of editorial framing, design, finances, publishing, and print matters, and in delivering through distribution, promotion, and sales. 

Set Margins’ also offers services as an editorial and graphic studio.


Subjects of projects might equally rest on or connect with the visible surface of the everyday or be more thoughtful and demanding. As life itself, the word of Set Margins’ is practice based, a true story supporting the practice of life and work. The only thing we should is what we could. Experimental, fictional, hypothetical, wandering or otherwise. Clear cut where possible, informed and informing, inspired and inspiring. 


Set Margins’ non-exhaustive, continuously developing, publishing pamphlet 


Set Margins’ is not a group, nor a movement but a support structure to and platform for independent release. 

Set Margins’ operates through cultural autonomy, self-governance, platform and effort. (This is why we cannot be a not for profit)

Set Margins’ is here to push for demanding topics and tools to mind and matter, not for demanding people. 

Set Margins’ follows the needs of the project, is welcomes creative openings, and stimulates the capacity of involved effort along mutual consent. 

Set Margins’ uses designs’ qualities as means while it applies a conscious path, never perceives design as an end, and discusses design politics.

Set Margins’ is editorially real in the truly committed, self-critical and creative setting of the frame
Set Margins’ allows for processes to fail, to go well or to evolve. 
Set Margins’ urges independence of all involved: to find common ground or leave common ground.

Set Margins’ ignores the neoliberal social leash of the free-market government. 
Set Margins’ opposes the corporate culture’s financial ruling of our cultural economy. 
Set Margins’ is not market-demand driven, by creating a new offer it builds on currently non-existent target groups.

Set Margins’ reaches out to engage, organize and connect internationally in solidarity.
Set Margins’ uses the publishing world's infrastructure and creates collaboratively to build a recognized and supported platform. 

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