Set Margins’ offers support in the smart setting of project ambitions, in content, form and style as well as in financial and in publishing management. Set Margins’ therefore appreciates receiving proposals at an early stage to get the best result in reach and content-output. It is through teaming up and release of inspiration that Set Margins’ widens the bandwidth and supports a public resistance needed for contemporary citizenship, builds, and grows an independent community. 


What Set Margins’ has to offer:

●      Support with the editorial development of critical framing to establish a true and elegant, well argumented framing of the position taken.

●      Support in the creative articulation of framing, style, form, and object qualities along print support, design choices and more. Set Margins' can propose designers, authors and others.

●      Depending on financial and publishing opportunities, Set Margins’ can contribute to costs of research and development,  production and presentation, publishing, and distribution.

●      Commitment to dissemination in well established distribution and representation infrastructures.


Set Margins’ welcomes proposals based on a commitment to Set Margins’ ethos. Please know we do not need a fixed plan as results are best when processed through critical and creative synergy. Set Margins’ values proposals consisting of:

●      an outline of the argument/position taken, 

●      how this is evidenced by the content, 

●      what the content would or could roughly be, 

●      who you would like to involve or what kind of profile you are looking for, 

●      what the indicative costs are for production and what are the benefits optional, expected or guaranteed, 

●      It is also nice if you can share what you would want from Set Margins’ in the production and artistic management of the project. 


This serves as good basis for understanding your engagement and ambition whereupon Set Margins’ can respond constructively, and we can open conversation. Please know Set Margins’ advice might suggest to shift things around or to leave it as it is. We discuss and consider constructively. We work creatively, critically, and entrepreneurially open and transparent, and so we produce and deliver the project. 


If you feel cool about Set Margins and if your proposal feels real to you, please email Set Margins’ and let’s open the conversation!