Set Margins' #1
Can you feel it?
Effectuating tactility and print in the contemporary  
By Freek Lomme (Ed.)

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Hands reaching and feeling, noses sniffing, eyes scrolling: the magic at book shops and at book fairs is also very much a tactile one. 

But what exactly is the tactile, in a world in which a rising technocracy exploits the designed environment we feel? Who authorizes and who writes, what tradition do we stand in and how can we touch base?

This reader explores how our interaction with printed matter affects us through theory, thoughts, and practices in the field of graphic design, materiality, philosophy, science and art. 

Although the core of this book rests upon theory and thoughts, with eight writings from scientists and philosophers to a paper-specialist and art writers, this book also compiles practice-based experiments by six international artists and includes animated introductions of printing techniques in the form of fictionalized characters.

148 x 105 mm / 6 x 4 inch . 192 pages, linnen + silkscreened spine. Part 4/4, mostly 1/1
ISBN 978-90-832706-0-9


Sales-price pre-sale 20 euro incl. VAT+ optional postage costs
(Please email your postall + invoice address + EU VAT number if you have one)

Editor/initiator: Freek Lomme
Artists and authors: Lars Bang Larsen (DK), Sema Bekirovic (NL), Matthieu Blanchard (FR), Christopher Breu (US), Lieven De Boeck(BE), Johanna Drucker (US), Frederic Geurts (BE), Alessandro Ludovico (IT), Esther Krop / De Monsterkamer (NL), Ulrike Mohr (DE), Thomas Rentmeister (DE), Rik Peters (NL), Marieke Sonneveld (NL)

Graphic design: Pierre Martin / Vielcazat

Print paid by Freek
Initially commissioned by Z33 and the Frans Masereel Centrum

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Set Margins' #4
We Are All ..... Now
Drawing on Strategic Universalism
By Daniel Tucker


‘We Are All ..... Now’ is inspired by a rhetorical phenomenon disseminated in the media with the intention of implicating people with an agenda. Sourced and quoted from the ‘We Are All socialists Now’ dating back to 1887 up to ‘We Are All Ukrainians Now’ dated 2022, this project presents a non-exhaustive list and illustrated artist visualizations of this rhetorical device named strategic universalism by artist / activist / researcher Daniel Tucker, presented here along with a new dialogue with the artist Dan S. Wang. 


Because the original quotations are at times conflicting, this series of hand-drawn responses to each strategically universalist implication draws out a wide range of idiosyncratic symbolic approaches to interpretation - laying bare the struggle of different identities involved in the commitment to stand together.

This is a delightful project about the promise and pitfalls of affiliative imaginaries. Daniel Tucker’s wry exploration of all the people and things we’ve claimed to “all be all now” should spark numerous and multifarious conversations!
- Rebecca Zorach

“Strategic universalisms is great! Just when I thought it might get corny, it becomes more intense and interesting and goofy and quizzical and spot on and hilarious and all-too-familiar.”
- Brian Holmes

‮“‬The circle as the framing device they share‭ ‬implies a ground/tableau‭, ‬and I am the viewer‭, ‬

outside‭, ‬above‭, ‬looking in‭... ‬but the subjectivity is very particular‭, ‬there is a strong sense of the mind of‭ ‬the situated artist thinking‭, ‬and at the same‭ ‬time a‭ (‬strategic‭) ‬universal standpoint‭, ‬like an aesthetic  'common sense'‬‭, ‬a mutual intelligibility of forms.‬”

- Eric Triantafillou

Swiss bound with linnen bound book-block
170 x 240 mm / 6,69 x 9,45 inch portrait
128 pages, all black/ white except for inside of the 6 page cover (flap)
ISBN 978-90-832706-4-7


Sales-price pre-sale 17 euro incl. VAT+ optional postage costs
(Please email your postall + invoice address + EU VAT number if you have one)


Artist / editor: Daniel Tucker
Editorial advisor / graphic design: Freek Lomme
Contributing author: Dan S. Wang

Made possible thanks to:
Daniel's free work, Freek's free work and Freek's investment in printing costs


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Set Margins' #11
Who can afford to be critical?
An inquiry into what we can’t do alone, as designers, and into what we might be able to do together, as people.By Afonso Matos (Ed.)

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With contributions by: Silvio Lorusso, J. Dakota Brown, Marianela D'Aprile, Evening Class, Somnath Batt, Danielle Aubert, Jack Henrie Fisher, Alan Smart, Greg Mihalko and DAE students 2021/2022.

‘Critical Designers’ produced by an increasing number of design schools are prompted to address social, political and environmental issues through their practices. Yet, who can afford to continue such effort after graduation?

In a dynamic style holding multiple voices, Who Can Afford To Be Critical? discusses the limits that affordability, class and labour impose upon the educational promise of holding a ‘critical’ practice. Why do we tend to ignore the material and socioeconomic constraints that bind us as designers, claiming instead that we can be powerful agents of change? In fact, where does our agency lie?

Instead of focusing on the dream of ethical work under capitalism, could we, instead, focus first on designers’ own working conditions, targeting them as one immediate site for collective action? And can we engage politically with the world not necessarily as designers, but as workers, as activists, as citizens?

Perfect binding, 148 x 210 mm (portrait), 92 pages, 4 PMs + black.
ISBN 978-90-832706-3-0


Sales-price pre-sale 15 euro incl. VAT+ optional postage costs
(Please email your postall + invoice address + EU VAT number if you have one)


Graphic design, author and editor: Afonso Matos
Overall advice: Freek Lomme

Print paid by Freek and Afonso

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Set Margins' #13

50 anniversaries​
From the private collection of Freek Lomme

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50-year-olds: they’re hung up in streets, stuck in dull, damp plastic sleeves; they are taped to lampposts, to electricity substations or traffic signs, or they’re attached to trees with drawing pins. 

This publication explores the typically Dutch tradition of publicly displaying home made photo collages throughout streets and neighborhoods in celebration of a person’s 50th birthday.

Almost reminiscent of missing pet posters, amateur portrait photographs are distributed and displayed by being taped onto lamp posts and stapled to trees by friends or relatives, at the mercy of public opinion. Exposed to judgment and ridicule by friends, family and strangers, due to the usually demeaning nature of the photographs through unflattering holiday photos and the likes, individuals are exposed, raised out of anonymity and placed in the public eye.

To an extent the street becomes an exhibition space for the non art-oriented person. It’s a document of the democratisation of the public domain, through a tradition which allows artistic expression and experimentation for anyone, under the gaze of a watchful even if disengaged audience.

The presented collection of posters, possibly a study of non-intentional art under the scrutiny of the public eye, constitutes an archive and an ode to amateur, home made graphic design, made possible through the democratisation of artistic means and software such as word art, paint and clip art. A non-hierarchical demonstration of taste and aesthetic is catapulted into the streets and now gathered in the exhibition space. Perhaps involuntarily, the posters bear a sense of humour and irony to the rest of the on-looking public.

read the article on VICE NL (in Dutch only) 

Softcover, full color, 100 pages, A4 size
ISBN 978-90-832706-2-3


10 euro incl. VAT + postage


Final editor: Freek Lomme
Graphic design book cover: Mook Attanath.
Made possible thanks to Freek’s savings.

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Set Margins' #7

Mapping the power, mapping the commons
By Bureau d'Etudes

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The Atlas of Agendas is a political, social and economic atlas: informing the public about socio-political power structures and activating opportunities for the self and the commons.

The French research and design group Bureau d´Études has been producing maps of contemporary political, social and economic systems that allow people to inform, reposition and empower themselves. Revealing what normally remains invisible, often in the shape of large-sized banners, and contextualizing apparently separate elements within new frameworks, these visualizations of interests and relations re-articulate the dominant symbolic order and actualize existing structures that otherwise remain concealed and unknown.

This large-size hardcover book, panoramic in scope and theoretically both profound and accessible, is the atlas for an emancipatory new citizenship that utilises the opportunities of info-graphics from the local to the global and back again.

Hardcover, 9 x 11.75 in. or 305 x 235 mm / 270 pgs / 54 color / 54 duotone / 64 bw.
ISBN 978-90-832706-5-4


32 euro incl. VAT + postage


Editors: Bureau d'Etudes with Brian Holmes and Freek Lomme
Graphic design book: Bureau d'Etudes
Made possible by Freek